XS Belly Flab Exposures You To 7 Cancers

Shedding stubborn belly flab isn’t easy but vitally important because you expose yourself to 7 cancers (Recent Medical Report) affecting both sexes.It has been well documented for some time that excess belly flab can be DEADLY!

It’s the most dangerous!

You should be focusing on: Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, fibrous carbs, and essential fats PLUS you need this Proven Natural Solution To Shedding Stored Belly Fat.

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This article is short because it’s just been submitted as a small solo ad to a large health and fitness audience.



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  1. Malehlomela says:

    What do you think of the increase in women worknig out and gaining muscle?They’ve been saying for years that men are increasingly pressured to work out and build their bodies. But I think there is increasing pressure on WOMEN to work out and look sexy with muscles.You see it on celebrities like Jessica Beil, Kelly Ripa, Madonna, Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jessica Parker (check out her arms), Janet Jackson, mel b. There are lots of women that are starting to focus more on their arms, shoulders, and abs rather than just only their legs and butts, as shown by many actresses and their shapely biceps.Personally I think it’s awesome and sexy as hell. It also makes things a little more equal. Finally women are feeling the pressure to work out like men have had for a long time now, and women can feel safer and more secure physically, which also frees men from having to put their lives on the line to protect them because they’re too flimsy and weak to protect themselves.Media is loaded with exercise ads that feature fit and even muscled women. Even weightlifting equipment, like boflex, features women in their commercials almost equally.Want do you guys think of this phenomenon? Do you boys think it’s sexy? Do you girls feel more pressure these days to work out and work on your muscles?

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