Update To Vitamins and Minerals Post

Update To Recent Vitamins and Minerals blog post.

I do have some extra info for you about Vitamins and Minerals which I’m now passing on to you: A Nutrient is a chemical that an organism needs to live, grow and take part in an organism’s metabolism. They enrich our bodies by building and repairing tissues, providing heat and energy, and regulating body processes.

The chemical elements that humans consume in the largest quantities are: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur. The classes of chemical compounds we consume in the largest quantities, and which provide bulk energy for us are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Obviously we do drink lots and lots of clean, fresh water…or we should do so.
A website that has wonderful extra information for you, belongs to Colorado State University – Extension. The complete URL is http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/foodnut/o9315.html.
This site goes into excellent detail about the sources of vitamins and minerals, recommended intake, vitamin supplements, functions,deficiences, and overconsumption, for different situations. It also discusses the bad things that can happen if you don’t get it right, depending on your age, life-stage, sex, and for women whether you’re pregnant or lactating
Hope you find this info useful, and cheers from Australia!

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