The Honey, Garlic And Vinegar Miracle

The Honey, Garlic And Vinegar Miracle.

Discover how this amazing NATURAL food combination burns fat, fights infection, and keeps you looking younger

My name is Ray Collins. I’ve spent the last three-and-a-half years writing a natural health newsletter called The Good Life Letter. Twice every week I investigate new and interesting ways everyday foods can help you feel fitter, healthier and slimmer.

During my research honey, garlic and vinegar have cropped up, time and time again. It felt like they were part of some ancient wisdom passed down through the ages.

I wondered to myself: what was so special about these simple ingredients?

On their own, all three have been known to work wonders…. clean wounds, boost your energy, fight infection, help you sleep, moisturise your skin and hair, clean and disinfect your home, soothe rashes and stings.

But as an overweight guy who’d always struggled to shift the pounds, something else got me intrigued….

When used in combination, many claim that honey, garlic and vinegar can help you lose weight… and REDUCE hunger pangs and food cravings.

In a Russian experiment, a group of slimmers took honey, garlic and vinegar daily. They lost an average of 40 pounds. Dieters who didn’t take honey, garlic and vinegar lost only 22 pounds.

That’s almost DOUBLE the weight loss!

A similar thing happened in at least four other studies, in countries including China, England, France, and South Africa.

But it’s not just the science. It’s the real life stories that fascinate me.

It seems that every week I get an email from one of my readers, reporting their amazing experience with honey, garlic and vinegar. Like this:

“I have gone back to my original size in clothes, I feel very well and it’s been a huge boost to my confidence. Furthermore the weight has stayed off… I eat differently now and often include honey, garlic and cider vinegar in a meal.”

Now you can discover the SAME recipes that help these people slim faster.


Stay healthy,


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