Most people are digging their own graves with a knife and fork.

IMG_0162-2.jpgTake a moment to consider the following statistics:
A hundred years ago diabetes affected less than 0.01% of the U.S. population. Today, nearly 27% percent of the population has diabetes or pre-diabetes. And new cases have increased 90% in the last 10 years!
In 1930 about 3,000 people in the U.S. died of heart disease. By 2005 heart attack and stroke killed 795,670 people. While our population grew 144%, the number of deaths due to heart disease rose 26,422%
A hundred years ago, cancer was responsible for only 3% of all deaths. Today, cancer is responsible for more than 20% of deaths in the U.S.
That’s why my health blogs are dedicated to topics like food, cooking, nutrition, recipes, metabolism, protein, smoothies, vitamins & minerals, fat loss, diets, exercise, working out, inflammation, sexual matters, aging plus other topics such as cures for cancer and most diseases.
Included are diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, aging, skin care, weight loss plus more. Remember weight loss does NOT equal fat loss!
Food is also relevant to topics like back pain, pain relief, sex, sleeping, as well as depression.
Even experts can have different opinions. Take eggs, bread, coffee, bacon, meat, rice, potatoes for example. Some say they’re bad for you, others disagree.
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So what’s the bottom line?
It means you have to do something NOW to protect your health for your own sake and your loved ones.
The good news is that regardless of your age or the “dis-eases” you have, you can protect and restore your health and burn away fat using the power of your plate.
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