Lose 5-10 Lbs in 7 Days (University Urgent Weight Loss Study)

2fbDo you want to participate in a new Breakthrough Weight Loss Study (University of Arizona) to lose up to 10Lbs by next Wednesday, April 20th?
A team of medical doctors and weight loss experts are on a mission to prove that YOU can control your DNA’s ability to burn fat.
Click here before midnight:  http://kevin-johnston.com/EverythingYouNeedToLose10lbs
And they’re willing to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to prove it, including a nutrition plan, workout equipment and videos, and ongoing personal support.
To qualify for this study, you must be…
     1) At least 10 pounds overweight
     2) Willing to follow a few simple instructions
     3) Between the ages of 21 and 69
If you meet these 3 requirements, click below before MIDNIGHT!*
YES, I’m willing to lose 5–10Lbs by next Wednesday, April 20thl
If you’re like most, all the things you’ve tried in the past (diets, weight loss foods and pills, etc.) have caused you to deactivate your “fat-burning gene”.
This study is designed to quickly flip your fat-burning gene fully on, so you’re burning fat around the clock.
If interested in participating, click above ASAP!
Disclaimer: this study will close as soon as spots are filled.

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