[HEALTH SUMMITS] Most of you are late registering or buying recordings

We hold 15-20 online Health Summits each year at which 30+ world experts in a specialty field share their knowledge and experiences with you, PROVIDED you have registered early using the links I supply you with.

However there are a couple of problems…
I’ve looked at the stats for the last 12 months and 50+% of you are too late in registering for a certain Summit and/or trying to purchase the recordings and transcripts.

We have made a couple of changes to help you:
1. We are now providing more bonuses and gifts to encourage you to register early which also lowers the risk of you forgetting.

2. We are now providing more ENCORE weekends which encourage you to purchase the recordings soon after the event has closed. But remember the cheapest price is at the beginning when I give you a purchase link.

3. With the purchase option, we are now providing more bonuses, gifts and freebies.
Yesterday I gave you early details for the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) Summit. As of today there are 6 bonuses, gifts and freebies for this Summit.

Unofficially, In my opinion, these extras are worth more than you pay for the recordings and transcripts.

4. I hate talking money but we are relying on your generosity to keep these Summits going.

In the 12 month stats, it seems that out of all of you, only 1 person in 100 is purchasing the recordings. That’s obviously much too low, so politely I’m asking for more financial support.

5. Please help by being more pro-active. Give my links to your family members and friends. Tell your Facebook followers and all your social media contacts.

6. The next Summit after IBS is “Pregnancy and Motherhood”. I’ll post all details later this week. In the meantime please check my posts for IBS also the Addiction Summit finishing on August 19.

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