Fat Burning Kitchen Review

The Fat Burning Kitchen plan is a nutrition program designed to help people lose fat fast. But what is this plan really about? What does it teach? Does Fat Burning Kitchen really work?

In this review I want to go over what you can learn from this plan and help you see whether it is really useful or not. Let’s see together what this plan has to offer you.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a digital program. You download this eBook to your computer and can begin reading it and applying what it teaches in a few minutes. The goal of this program is to help you improve the most important factor of fat loss: your nutrition. The idea is that you need to get your kitchen ready in order to be able to pursue a new eating routine which is good for rapid fat burning.

Your nutrition determines, to a large extent, the rate in which your body burns calories and fat. Your metabolism is dependent on what you eat and how and when you eat it. So, eat correctly and your body will burn calories fast like a roaring fireplace does with wood. Eat badly and you will face an uphill battle with your body fat.

Fat Burning Kitchen – 2 Ways To A Better Nutrition

The Fat Burning Kitchen program is divided into 2 main parts. Both of them are essential for fat loss and healthy nutrition. The first part deals with the foods that you may have in your kitchen, but may be destroying your diet and making it harder for you to lose weight. You may find quite a few foods that you’re used to eat without even being aware of how bad they are for you. This applies especially when advertising and food packaging leads you to believe that you are eating “healthy”.

Just by eliminating these bad foods you’re already making it far easier for your body to burn off fat.

The second part of the program deals with food that you should eat more of. These are foods which often get a bad rep even though they don’t deserve it. For instance, dark chocolate is often perceived as fattening when, in fact, it is rather healthy.

You can find a variety of foods in this part of Fat Burning Kitchen which you may be needlessly avoiding. Put together, what you learn is what needs to be removed from and what needs to be added to your diet in order to make it healthier and better for fat loss. This is what makes the Fat Burning Kitchen plan so useful.

Click here for more tips from the Fat Burning Kitchen plan: http://scrnch.me/FatBurningKitchen

*** Also there is a very useful bonus for purchasers, from another very well known certified nutrition and fitness expert.

Who Are Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling?

In this post I don’t want to talk about the Fat Burning Kitchen, but about the two authors of this plan, Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling. I believe that you have to know who is behind a program before you decide whether to get a copy for yourself. I can only hope that this will give you a fuller picture of what you can expect from this plan.

First, let talk about Mike Geary. He is a pretty prominent figure in the world of fitness and fat loss, having authored the popular Truth About Abs program, perhaps the best selling online fitness program ever. He has sold his eBooks in over 150 countries and to hundreds of thousand of people. His abs program is considered a masterpiece by many and is widely endorsed and recommended.


Mike’s Truth About Abs program is at: http://scrnch.me/2013/TruthAboutAbs

Mike Geary is a man who has helped thousands and thousands of men and women to burn off body fat, get lean, tighter their abs, and get a six pack. He does this with proper fitness and nutrition techniques and advice and with zero gimmicks.

From the many testimonials I’ve read and the before and after pictures of some of his past clients, it’s easy to see how good Geary’s programs work and why he knows his stuff, both in terms of fitness and nutrition.

Catherine Ebeling is a certified nutrition expert, personal trainer, and has a BSN (nursing degree). She has also written for various online publications on nutrition and wellness. Again, it’s quite clear that she has knowledge and experience in nutrition and health.

So you can see, both writers of the Fat Burning Kitchen are well versed in nutrition and health. They know what they’re talking about so you can rest assured that you will get good advice from them.

Here is the link again to obtain more information: http://scrnch.me/FatBurningKitchen


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  1. Nikki says:

    Well I think metabolism is not really about what you eat. Yes sometimes it depends on it but actually it’s more on our system. There are conditions or body types that really has a fast metabolism and some are not but given they both have same diets.

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