[ENDING SOON] Big Pharma v. Nature: 25 Vitamin Experts!

That Vitamin Movie has been having a FREE SCREENING week which ends on May 12th (Extended to May17).
It’s not too late for you to see the movie. It explains a hidden 80 year history of how vitamins can prevent and cure disease. And this information is more relevant today than It’s ever been.
Over 970,000 people have already watched this full length documentary since it’s release and thousands have bought the DVD. Here are just a few of the comments from viewers:-
“Life changing documentary! After just two days of taking higher doses of vitamin C, I realized that i had been depressed till then. The energy and vitality that kicked were incredible. This attention to vitamins takes our energy, body and capacities to a whole new level!” Marco Eolo
“Finally, more of the truth about the benefits of taking mega vitamins is getting out, and brave doctors and scientists, risking their careers for disclosing this information, are true heroes!!!” Victor Pacheco
“A heartfelt thank you to all the doctors and scientists and nutritionists and other people who have worked so diligently to help get the truth out ♡ for no other reason than they care about the human condition. That is refreshing.” Cynthia Vana
So go HERE now to see the complete documentary while you still have the chance. No more time extensions!
You won’t regret it.

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