Article: #120 How To AVOID Sudden Death

G’day from Australia,

I’m trying to catch up because I’ve got hundreds of wonderful articles waiting for you about your health & wellness, weight loss & fitness, food & nutrition, recipes, desserts, muscle building & strength training, aging, skin care, anxiety & depression, plus others.

I did plan to send these articles to you as separate blog posts but it’s been obvious for some time that there aren’t enough hours in a working day to make that happen. I will be sending more emails, mostly about learning Internet marketing plus making money from a home business, but the opening and clicking rates, so far, have been extremely poor.

So these articles will come to you as clickable links but it’s up to you to click the links and benefit from the contents which can also be research reports and videos. Even recipes as mentioned above.

Article:  #120 How To AVOID Sudden Death

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  1. Mariam says:

    he never had serious pbelroms but in the interwiev flex and kevin where even touching the suicide topic. in addition to that i remember an interwiev with shawn ray where he talks about his retirement and why he quit he said that he dont want to risk his life anymore for chasing a shadow in the form of the sandow. i dont want to here kevin talk openly about steroids that he used .. i would like to hear from him why people take all those risks and enter such a mindstate where they even think about killing themselfes. i would like to hear wht he thinks about todays bodybuilder and the direction all this goes young dudes putting theire life on the line for a few years of glory in an fringe sport when they dont even get the money supplement industries make by putting them on their product. THATS what i would die to hear from kevin and inside look into whats behind this pumped up cover models who all claim to be natural.i know that this is an serious topic and i dont even know if kevin is even allowed to talk about this to all of us (mb everybody claims to be natural because the industrie behind them dont want to cause a scandal, but srs everybody knows they are not clean) . If you can kevin let us take part on your experience and your past jorney.

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