25% OFF Protein Cookies and Organic Protein Bars

Hey it’s Joel and this past weekend we celebrated my birthday, which means today you get to save 25% on not one, but TWO of my favorite BioTrust products — BioTrust Protein Cookies and BioTrust Organic Protein Bars!

Here’s a picture from the party my kids threw me, and yes, that’s Queen Elsa from the hit Disney movie, Frozen! 

Joel Elsa Frozen Party

Instant Disney Classic!  I think me and my daughter, Lily, have watched it 10 times already!

And Lily wants you to celebrate with her and Elsa as well, which is why we’ve decided to give you a whopping 25% OFF of our two favorite BioTrust products — BioTrust Protein Cookies and Organic Protein Bars.

These two delicious, high protein and exceptionally healthy treats are the perfect snack for the entire family, not to mention they’re super convenient so they make for an ideal snack on the go.  I enjoy these healthy and delicious snacks just about every day…you sure don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything when you’re eating chocolate chip cookies every day!

Not only that, but when you choose one of our already discounted bundle packages, you can save up to 50% today backed by our 365 Day “Best Taste” or they’re FREE Guarantee.

http://kevinreallylikes.com/Lifestyle   then go to Products

High protein
High fiber
Low sugar
Naturally sweetened

…and totally delicious!

To stock up on these favorites today while you can get them at such a rare, steep discount, just use the coupon code bday25 at checkout.  And again, because our bundle packs are already discounted, this means you can save up to 50% compared to the single box price when stocking up today and using the coupon code bday25!

http://kevinreallylikes.com/Lifestyle   then go to Products


Kevin             also look at http://kevinreallylikes.com/LoseFat


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